Georgia Adopt A Micro-Enterprise Day | Wed., Sept. 12, 2018

Georgia Adopt A Micro-Enterprise Day is Wednesday, September 12, 2018 statewide. Join the Georgia Micro Enterprise Network (GMEN) as we celebrate entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, small businesses with 10 or less employees statewide.

Georgia Adopt A Micro-Enterprise Day is an opportunity for communities throughout the state to patronize, support, volunteer and spread the word about a micro-enterprise that deserves a spotlight to the world.

Using the hashtag #AdoptAMicroenterprise, we will recognize entrepreneurs and small businesses throughout Georgia.

Nominate a micro-enterprise in your community that is exceptional in service/product, customer service and growth for GMEN18 Spotlight -

Learn more about GMEN18 Week visit

Nominate a Georgia Entrepreneur, MicroEnterprise or Small Business Today

Georgia Micro Enterprise Network (GMEN) has worked to build the capacity of micro-enterprise organizations with a primary focus on Georgia and the southeast. GMEN provides an infrastructure for educating and providing resources to micro-enterprise development organizations (MDOs). We are proud of our 100+ network of organizations, and celebrate our members and the work that we do with an annual conference.

Each year we celebrate and spotlight some of the small businesses that we work with as a MDO as well as those in the communities that we need to learn about to support. We need your help to identify entrepreneurs who deserve recognition for their business practices, services/products and growth.

Please nominate a Georgia business within your MDO or your community who we should recognize at the Small Is BIG! Conference at GMEN18 Week, September 10-16, in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Deadline for nominations is Tuesday, September 4, 2018.

Questions: Contact Cheryle Moses, GMEN18 Conference Director, Camrose Creative Services,  at 404.590.4716.






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